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How long does a SoFizzy shower stamers diffuse its smell?

Depending on the amount of water received on your SofFzzy shower steamer, it should last for the duration of a regular shower.

Some of our clients who are used to quick showers (around 5 minutes) are able to take two showers with one steamer!

Why does my pebble melt quickly?

You are probably not placing your SoFizzy roller in the right place on the floor of your shower. Make sure it is away from the most spray in your shower and that it only gets a few drops every now and then. You can refer to the explanatory image received with your package or shown below in this section.

Where are you located?

We are a Quebec company based in Trois-Rivières.

Could the pigments used in SoFizzy shower steamer stain my shower?

Our natural pigments are tested not to stain surfaces, however we advise you to rinse off the residue at the end of your shower.

Why after my shower, do I feel a sensation of freshness on my feet and / or my legs?

All of our SofFzzy shower steamer contain menthol so depending on where you place your pebble, you only get a few splashes of menthol on your body.

It is not at all dangerous, you enjoy the cooling effect of menthol and it could be very appreciated to relieve your heavy legs after a long day!

Can I reuse my SoFizzy shower steamer if it is not completely dissolved after my shower?

Of course! All you have to do is move your SofFzzy shower steamer to a dry place on your shower floor!

Why can't I use my SoFizzy shower steamer in a bath like a bath bomb?

The high concentrations of ingredients in our SofFzzy shower steamer are specially dosed to be transported by the vapors of your shower.

They are not suitable for use in bathtub water and may be harmful to your health.

How to use my SoFizzy shower stamers?