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    So Woodsy

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Benefits of aromatherapy: the power of the SoFizzy shower bombs!

Benefits of aromatherapy: the power of the SoFizzy shower bombs!

Winter can really be unpleasant. The gray and shorter days, combined with colds, freezing temperatures and new sanitary rules seem to exhaust us. Netflix and flannel pajamas beckon us. You can't run on coffee all day unless you don't want to sleep anymore! Although the idea of ​​a long bath sounds great, the reality is that our busy schedules rarely leave us the space-time to indulge in it.

Come on, enter the world of SoFizzy shower bombs!

Essential oils are an inexpensive form of aromatherapy that has been loved for centuries. In fact, many ancient cultures used botanical extracts for therapy, vitality, beauty, medicine, preservation, and ceremonies. Their value extends beyond their good smells, although this remains one of the main uses.

Aromatherapy applications range from soothing to uplifting, and balancing to uplifting. Their powers are not simply to improve the mood. For example, rosemary and eucalyptus can help clear mucus, and lavender has been shown to be very relaxing. Essential oils have a place in almost every home, due to their versatile applications.

There are many ways to benefit from the benefits of essential oils. While they are commonly broadcast, this forces the user to stay relatively close to the broadcaster. When you're looking for a quick, simple and effective way to enjoy the benefits of essential oils, SoFizzy shower steamers are the perfect solution.

The benefits of SoFizzy shower bombs

Is your hectic lifestyle keeping you going? SoFizzy shower bombs will perfectly satisfy your aromatherapy desires with their simple, easy and hassle-free use. You will enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy during a shower. Simply place the palm-sized washer on the shower floor (away from the direct stream of the showerhead) and you're on your way to a wonderful experience…

SoFizzy Shower Bomb slowly dissolves, releasing aromas that meet the needs of your body and mind. Whether you need a boost of energy, a good mood, want to relax, cure cold symptoms…we have a shower bomb for you!

We have created, to date, six different all-natural shower bombs, based on essential oils, fragrances and plants that work in different ways:

So Boosted – The scent of your favorite coffee perfectly balanced in an invigorating blend that will wake you up for the day ahead.

So Lemony – Freshly squeezed lemon for a bright and delicious day. Let yourself be overwhelmed by our lemony and energizing scent!

So Relieved – Just breathe! Eucalyptus, Camphor, and Menthol combine in an airway-opening blend ffor incredible relief. 

So Calm – Soothing true lavender to prepare you for sleep takes you to your place of zen, releasing stress and tension.

So Woodsy – A walk in the forest thanks to its essential oils of Beaumier fir, pine and Atlas cedar blend together to bring a feeling of well-being and calm.

So Clear – Packed with Japanese mint essential oil known to ease headaches and tension.

When you're looking for a convenient way to add aromatherapy to your day, go for a SoFizzy shower bomb! A great way to enhance your natural, green and healthy lifestyle.

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